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Classes Age calculated at 1st January 2019

Class Boat Distance
Under 10 Boys, Lightning K13.5 km
Under 10 GirlsLightning K13.5 km
Under 10Hody K23.5 km
Under 12 BoysLightning K13.5 km
Under 12 GirlsLightning K13.5 km
Under 12Hody K23.5 km
Under 12 BoysK16.5 km
Under 12 GirlsK16.5 km
Under 12 BoysK26.5 km
Under 12 GirlsK26.5 km
Under 14 BoysK16.5 km
Under 14 GirlsK16.5 km
Under 14 BoysK26.5 km
Under 14 GirlsK26.5 km
Under 16 boysK113 km
Under 16 GirlsK113 km
Under 16 BoysK213 km
Under 16 GirlsK213 km
Under 18C16.5 km
Under 18 BoysK120 km
Under 18 GirlsK120 km
Under 18 BoysK220 km
Under 18 GirlsK220 km
Under 23 Men, K126 km
Under 23 WomenK126 km
Senior MenC113 km
Senior WomenC113 km
Senior MenC213 km
Senior WomenC213 km
Senior MenK126 km
Senior WomenK126 km
Senior MenK226 km
Senior WomenK226 km
Mixed K2K213 km
Over 34 MenK120 km
Over 34 MenK220 km
Over 34 WomenK113 km
Over 34 WomenK213 km
Over 39 MenK120 km
Over 39 WomenK113 km
Over 44 MenK113 km
Over 44 WomenK113 km
Over 44 MenK213 km
Over 44 WomenK213 km
Over 49 MenK113 km
Over 49 WomenK113 km
Over 54 MenK16.5 km
Over 54 WomenK16.5 km
Over 54 MenK26.5 km
Over 54 WomenK26.5 km
Over 59 MenK16.5 km
Over 59 WomenK16.5 km
Over 64 MenK16.5 km
Over 64 WomenK16.5 km
Over 64 MenK26.5 km
Over 64 WomenK26.5 km
Over 69 MenK16.5 km
Over 69 WomenK16.5 km
Over 69 MenK26.5 km
Over 69 WomenK26.5 km

Where a race is inquorate, the paddler may transfer to another class for which they are eligible.  If the paddler does not wish to race, they are entitled to an entry fee refund if the organiser is notified within 1 hour of the planned class start time.There must be at least 5 entries for a National Championship race to take place.  Hody K2 classes are not National Championship races but the same quorum rules will apply.