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PADDLER ELIGIBILITY Paddlers may compete in races specified for those of a higher ranking but will not be allowed to compete in races specified for those of a lower ranking. (E.g. an Under 18 may race as an Under 23 or Senior but not as an Under 16 or Over 34.)

Senior and Veteran Women paddlers may compete in a doubles crew in Senior and Veteran Men kayak races of the same or higher ranking.

AFFILIATION All paddlers must prove current comprehensive BC/SCA/CW/CANI with membership or youth membership of an affiliated club.

All competitors must be valid members on race day.

Proof needs to be confirmed by Team Leaders before sending entries to race organiser through HRM or with copy of membership card.

Individual entries should send a copy of their membership with their entry form and payment.

New memberships or those expiring between entry and race day must bring proof of valid membership to the event, otherwise the competitor will not be allowed to race.

A competitor who has not raced before may buy an Event Ticket, but only one Event Ticket per season.

A competitor claiming to have membership but unable to provide evidence may also purchase an Event Ticket.

OVERSEAS PADDLERS Entries are welcome from overseas paddlers who are members of their own ICF affiliated federation.
NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE ELIGIBILITY An athlete must either be a British Citizen and a current member of British Canoeing; or have been both a resident in the United Kingdom and a member of British Canoeing for at least two years. Please look at page F13 in the Racing Handbook for clarification.
SELECTION RACES As part of the ongoing assessment series of races that have taken place during 2019, the following National Championship races will be used to assess paddlers for selection for the World Championships in China.

  • Senior Men K1
  • Senior Women K1
  • Under 23 Men K1
  • Under 23 Women K1
  • Under 18 Men K1
  • Under 18 Women K1
  • Senior Men K2
  • Senior Women K2
  • Under 18 Men K2
  • Under 18 Women K2

If an Under 23 wishes to be assessed on their performance at the Nationals for the Senior team, they will have to enter the Senior race. If they wish to be assessed for the Under 23 team then they should race in the Under 23 race. This will also enable them to compete for the Under 23  National Championship title.

In the interests of clarity, if an Under 23 chooses to race in the Senior category they will still be considered for Under 23 selection based on their performance in the Senior race along with their performance throughout the season.

All Junior kayak paddlers seeking selection for the World Championships should enter the appropriate Under 18 Men or Under 18 Women race.

Under 16s wishing to be considered for World Championship selection should race in the Under 18 classes or rely on their performances earlier in the season. Performance in Under 16 classes at the National Championships will only be considered for the Junior Development trips.

All canoe paddlers seeking selection for the World Championships should enter the appropriate Senior Women kayak or Under 18 Women kayak race.

Athletes seeking selection for the GB U16 development team for the French National Championships should race in their age-group classes (U14 and U16, K1 and K2) at the National Championships, as all of these races will also be taken into consideration when planning athletes for this team.

As always, the process of assessment is continuous throughout the year and the final selection will be made to achieve the best possible team, taking into account all performances.

All paddlers are reminded that a Marathon Racing Online Availability Form must have been completed and submitted for consideration for selection.

RACING RULES The Marathon Nationals is a GROUP A Divisional race and therefore all of Part A rules 1-18 and rules 42-48 of the Canoe Sprint & Marathon Handbook apply.