NMC 2019 NewsChampionships are on – with risk mitigations in place. Please read:

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The Health and Safety Team have met with the MRC this morning.

The course at Norwich on the river is less exposed than other rivers in the country and the decision has been taken that racing is currently going ahead on Saturday but with modifications, and on Sunday as scheduled.

Buoyancy Aids on Saturday 

These are compulsory for Divisions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and ALL JUNIORS (under18). All other paddlers are strongly advised to wear one on Saturday.

Team Leaders Responsibility 

It is the responsibility of all Team Leaders to assess the capability of all their paddlers and to advise any they believe are too vulnerable or inexperienced not to race.

Individual Paddlers Responsibility 

Individual paddlers should not race if they are at all uncertain whether they are capable of coping with the conditions. No paddler should race if they feel concerned their safety might be compromised because of their ability to paddle in the high winds.

Lightning K1 Races

These will be now be held at the later time of 17.00 on Saturday. This will enable a flotilla of helpers to support the race. Any additional on the water support from experienced and competent coaches will be appreciated at this time.

Prize Giving

This will now be at 18.00 on Saturday

Securing Boats and Equipment 

Any unsecured boats or equipment will be vulnerable to the wind if left on the ground in exposed areas and could constitute a major flying hazard to both paddlers and members of the public. Please either:-

  1. Use the limited empty trailer racking and use your own straps.
  2. Place boats upside down before the race close to the bank of trees after you have been though boat check.  If possible ask someone to stay with your boat and hold it while you attend the briefing.
  3. At the end of your race – do not leave your boat unattended at any stage.  Carry it immediate to a place where you can secure it. Eg on the roof of your car.

We have already put in place many extra safety measures and we are doing all we can to mitigate the risks both on and off the water.  We will be constantly monitoring the races and the conditions and please be aware if safety dictates it may be necessary to suspend or cancel racing.